Jay Elle is a singer, songwriter and guitar player currently residing in New York City.

Jay Elle writes songs in the pop, country-pop, Americana, and singer-songwriter genres.

Jay Elle's new EP,  Ease Up, has received great reviews. It is currently on 5 New Music Weekly charts, having reached number 6 on the Country Internet Chart.

"A tremendous amount of warmth..." Beachsloth 

"Very joyful and soothing..." Lost Song

"Heartfelt, performed by a fantastic artist..." The Other Side Reviews 

"We love this song, we love this musician and we love this music. The voice is perfect..." Le Jeune Musical

"Heartwarming, organic and nurturing... Pizzazz beyond charming..." Ratingsgamemusic

"Uplifting and positive..." MusicNotez

"Executed so gracefully and lovingly..." Xttrawave

"From conception to execution and production aesthetics, this EP is a true gem..." The bandcampdiaries

"Great writing, melody, outstanding groove, excellent recording..." Jamsphere

"Jay Elle's voice is absolutely delicious, and so soothing..." Indiepulsemusic

"Well-crafted melodies and guitar strums that are very striking..." Warlockasyluminternationalnews 

"Very melodic..." Musicexistence

"Mature musicality, youthful vocals, dreamy cotton cords, gentle masculinity, and easy flow..." Redcarpetliving

"From full-bodied sweeps to glimmering hums..." Callingallgigs


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